From time to time we will add pictures that our drivers have taken while driving. Thanks to all our drivers – especially Damon!!

Homeward from California in Vail, Colorado - Damon

Homeward from California in Vail, Colorado - Damon & Wicket!

Delivering in Rhode Island

Delivering in Rhode Island - Damon

Loaded Stepdeck

In our yard, loaded & ready to haul - Damon

Enroute to California - shot taken in Utah - Damon

2007 Santa Claus Parade

2007 Santa Claus Parade - from Warren



  1. i am looking for information on one of your pic’s. It is the one where two trucks are attach and one is lefting the other over the top. It that pic really and where was it taken, I work for a trucking company and we really like to know more about that pic on your site.

  2. we replied to William – it was taken from the Burning Man Festival held every year in Nevada.

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