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US Border Crossing – Watch out for your Cellphones!!

Today’s Trucking posted an article today which you can read in full below, that the US Border agents now have the authority to confiscate any electronic devices (and more) without any given reason.  As we have stated before, understandably in the fast paced world of travelers, border security has changed and has to be more secure but this now may be getting out of hand.  Almost every adult and child over the age of 12 has some form of electronic devise that has become a necessity, especially when traveling.  Now how far the border agents will use this new authority, only time will tell.

It may be disturbing news for some transportation companies and could cause further delays at the border, but here at RBM Carriers we feel secure that all our paperwork is complete and the border agents will have no reason at all to detain us any longer than usual.

US border cops empowered to seize laptops, cell phones

Need another reason to avoid crossing the U.S. border?

How about the fact that your laptop, cellphone, or other electronic communication device could be confiscated for almost no reason at all.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently granted American border agents the authority to seize and detain such property from cross-border travelers.

Agents now have the greenlight to search the devices, and make copies of their contents and distribute them among other government agencies. The searches could take place at the point of entry or off-site, and the machines can be detained for as long as it takes to conduct the analysis, according to documents released by DHS on July 16.

“These examinations are part of … long-standing practice and are essential to uncovering vital law-enforcement information,” the policy says, noting examinations help authorities detect possible instances of terrorism, narcotics smuggling, child pornography and violations of copyright and trademark laws — which under a broad interpretation might include illegally downloaded videos and music files, or even pirated software.

The problem is the CBP policy document is incredibly vague in what it defines as questionable material.

The policy document defines “Business Information,” for example, and advises officers encountering business or commercial information to treat such information as business confidential information, and to take all reasonable measures to protect that information from unauthorized disclosure.

You could kiss your laptop goodbye, with little
probable cause, when heading south of the border.

If the authorities find there is not probable cause to hold the seized items, copies would have to be destroyed, according to the policy. The policy does not outline a timeframe in which materials would have to be returned, however.

Elsewhere in the document it’s stated that officers are empowered to seize and retain documents, books, pamphlets, and other printed material, as well as computers, disks, hard drives, and other electronic or digital storage devices where “probable cause” of unlawful activity exists.

What other printed material is fair game, we’re not sure. But cross-border truckers might want to be aware, just in case. After all, CB officers have been known to confiscate people’s lunches before, so who knows what else they might reach into a truck cab for.

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold told the Washington Post he finds the new policies “alarming” and said he plans to introduce legislation that would make grounds for border searches more rigorous.

Greg Nojeim, senior counsel at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Democracy and Technology, told the paper the new policies allow authorities to conduct searches without suspicion of wrongdoing.

“They’re saying they can rifle through all the information in a traveler’s laptop without having a smidgen of evidence that the traveler is breaking the law,” he told the Post.

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Southern Ontario Sprint Results – Round 7

The Mahoney’s of RBM Carriers have given us all reason to celebrate this week!!  Warren Mahoney won the feature on Saturday at South Buxton!!  Starting in 7th place and winning!!  Way to go Warren!!  Dick Mahoney finished the race in third – but sure made everyone work for their positions!  Congratulations to all.  Here’s the complete story from Tommy Grudge of Southern Onario Sprints.


Number 25 takes the checkered flag!!

Number 25 takes the checkered flag!!

Warren Mahoney finally got the monkey off his back by taking his 10th career Southern Ontario Sprints feature win in convincing fashion on Saturday night. Mahoney’s last SOS feature win came nearly 5 years ago at the Merrittville Speedway on August 16, 2003, and he had recorded 8 runner-up finishes since that win, before climbing back up to the top step of the podium at South Buxton.

Derek Jonathan and Dick Mahoney led the field to the green flag to start the 7th feature of the 2008 SOS season, with Jonathan taking the lead coming out of the 2nd turn. Jonathan’s lead would be short-lived however, as the driver from Lewiston, NY slipped high off the track in turns 1 and 2 after completing the first lap and flipped. Fortunately the #81 suffered only minor damage in the incident, which brought an end to what had been a good week for the Jonathan team as they had taken a heat race win earlier in the evening, and won their first ever sprint car feature last Sunday in weekly action at the Humberstone Speedway.

With one lap in the books, Dick Mahoney assumed the lead for the restart and took off when the green flag dropped, looking for his 2nd feature win at South Buxton. Behind Mahoney’s #79, the action was heating up as Ryan Hunsinger was holding onto the 2nd position with a pack of hungry drivers on his tail. 2nd place points man Warren Mahoney and points leader Glenn Styres had started side-by-side in row #4, with 3rd place Keith Dempster directly in front of them. While Styres and Dempster were unable to make much headway, Mahoney darted through the field, making his way into 2nd and chasing down his father Dick before another red flag stopped the race with 7 laps completed, as Kyle Patrick was upside down in turn 3. Patrick was working on Craig Downie for the 8th position as he entered turn 3 on the low side, but slid up into Downie’s #71, caught a wheel, and barrell-rolled. Patrick emerged from his damaged car uninjured, but the crew has more work to do once again in what has turned into a season of terrible luck for the #33k team.

The race went back green with Warren right on his father’s tail, and it was only a matter of time until Warren got by the #79. “The Wiley One” made his move around his father to take the lead during the 9th lap, and set sail out front. While the action was going on out front, Glenn Styres found his groove and started to move forward, making his way into 2nd around Dick in turn 1, but Warren was ahead by 2.5 seconds by that point and slicing through lapped traffic with relative ease. Styres was fast, but could not put a dent in Warren’s lead, and the race went green the rest of the way, with Warren crossing the finish line out front, followed by Styres, Dick Mahoney holding off a determined Adam West for 3rd while West settled for 4th, and Bob Crawford in 5th.

(20 laps)
Finish. Number Name (Starting Position)
1. 25 Warren Mahoney (7)
2. 0 Glenn Styres (8 )
3. 79 Dick Mahoney (2)
4. 30 Adam West (5)
5. 10 Bob Crawford (4)
6. 5 Keith Dempster (6)
7. 71 Craig Downie (10)
8. 77x Ryan Hunsinger (3)
9.. 5d Dave Dykstra (14)
10. 1a John Riegling (9)
11. 31 John Burbridge, Jr. (11)
12. 66 Frank Baranowski (15)
13. 69 Garry Evans (13) DNF
14. 33k Kyle Patrick (12) DNF
15. 81 Derek Jonathan (1) DNF
16. 15 Mike Ferrell (16) DNS

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Ontario to Ban Cell Phones while Driving

Now the police will have one more item on their agenda while cruising the street this fall.  Here in Ontario, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before the government passed yet another bill that will affect drivers.  You better look into purchasing a “hands free” cell phone otherwise you may end up with a fine – just what you need!!

Today’s Trucking has made some very valuable points on this topic posted below.

And the ban plays on

The list of provinces where you can drive while talking on your hand-held cell is getting shorter and shorter.

This week, the Ontario government announced a plan to ban cell phones and other “electronic distractions.” The new law will probably be introduced this fall.

Others who have already forced drivers to put down their phones include Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Quebec’s grace period for enforcing the law expiring this month, and police have handed out more than 1,000 tickets already. First-time fines run up as high as $115.

On the Rock, if a driver’s caught talking into a cell he might also wind up walking into one. You might actually get thrown into the slammer in that province.

In Ontario’s case, the announcement was made yesterday by Transportation Minister Jim Bradley and he said the ban would apply to “electronic distractions,” which implies it could include other telematic devices like things like GPS or DVD monitors.

Is there any evidence between cellphone usage and road accidents?

Cellphone use in vehicles is banned, to one degree or another, in more than 50 countries, including Australia, Britain and France.

Ontario has already banned new drivers from using cellphones when they’re behind the wheel. But two big questions remain.

First, will truckers be told to stop using CBs or push-talk devices like Mikes, as in Quebec?

Our request to the MTO for the answer to that one remains on hold but stay tuned for the results.

Second Question: Has anybody ever found an accurate statistical link between cellphone usage and road accidents? Not to our knowledge.

Recently, the Alberta government released the results of a study that said cellphone use while driving has less risk than many other acceptable distractions including eating or tending to children in the back seat. Other reports in jurisdictions like New York — which has had a cellphone ban for a few years — arrived at similar conclusions.

As if that’s going to stop the politicians.

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Diesel Fuel for Sale


People take desperate measures when their backs are pushed against the wall.  The high cost of diesel is now making people do things that perhaps they would not normally do.  We all know that siphoning fuel is not new but things do seem to be getting out of hand.  This can only harm the trucking industry and all who work in the field.  Yes, the high cost of fuel hurts and the price of hauling material can only increase which the end user will feel.  But we do not control the prices and to start stealing is really not the answer.  Read this story from Today’s Trucking and be on the look out!!

PSSSST – Wanna buy some diesel fuel?

Following the disappearance of more than 55,000 liters of diesel fuel from underground storage tanks in and around Hamilton this past weekend, it’s beginning to look like an organized theft ring is operating in the area.

CHCH television news reported several thefts in the area, at least two of which were caught on security cameras. In both cases, two trucks pulling 53-ft van trailers — possibly reefers — pulled up and parked over top of under ground fuel storage tanks. While not actually seen on camera, it’s assumed that the vans were equipped with liquid pumps and storage tanks large enough to accommodate a significant amount of fuel.

In one incident, Gord’s Sunoco in Flamborough lost an estimated 21,000 litres of fuel. In another, First Student bus lines in Brant County (formerly Laidlaw) lost 34,000 liters of fuel.

Video from a security camera at the Sunoco station shows a two-tone tan and maroon colored Peterbilt tractor pulling a non-descript with van pulling into the station and parking over the fuel storage tanks, and then returning to the fuel island to fuel up in the usual manner.

One of the suspects caught on camera walking toward a pay phone is described as an older white male, with a balding head.

Keep your eye on that tank

CHCH television reports the tractor had a dented left front fender. The trailer reportedly has a number on the side containing the numerals 7705.

A spokesperson from First Student was quoted by CHCH TV as saying the locks on the underground tank caps had been cut.

A typical fuel delivery B-train has a capacity of about 55,000 liters, so the question of where vans are depositing their stolen fuel is going has raised some concerns. Certainly, the theft operation has to have some remote storage capacity.

Fuel purchased on the black market would obviously not qualify in an IFTA fuel tax report, and IFTA takes note of even minor discrepancies in fuel used versus fuel purchased. Police are asking anyone approached with an offer of cheap fuel to come forward or call Crime Stoppers.

With the price of fuel these days, diesel heists is a very lucrative business. The modes of theft are getting ever more creative. In Pittsburgh, for example, benzine bandits were caught driving around with a tractor-trailer, parking beside other trucks, and then siphoning the diesel into a 5,000-gallon tank using a vacuum powered by the truck’s engine.

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Need More Cowbell

We have been busy this week, as always matching loads to trucks and visa versa.  Inbound and outbound to the US transporting everything from steel to plastic in everyshape and form.

As everyone knows who is in the trucking and transportation business – it is a crazy one!!  I have come to the conclusion that everyone should try either being in the restaurant or the trucking business.  You will learn some valuable life lessons.  Trust me – I have been in both!!

There has not been a lot of news to report to you this week ……. even the majors have fewer posts than normal.   Warren Meyer of Coyote Blog, which you can check from our web site had a great link this week and here it is –  Need More Cowbell!!  Enjoy!

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Southern Ontario Sprint Results – Round 6

You may be wondering where the results went for Round 5 held at Brighton Speedway on July 12th ……… well mother nature was not on the racers’ side and Round 5 was rained out.  Everyone was able to complete the heats but the 20 lap race is postpoed to August 9th, so stay tuned!!

Round 6 was held last Friday, July 18th at Ohsweken Speedway and thankfully, the weather remained dry!!  Dick Mahoney was running in the top 5, but his Irish luck was not with his car that night – the oil filter was dislodged by the rough track and he was unable to finish but he did take the heat victories!!   Warren Mahoney completed the race and crossed the finish line in third place.

Here’s the complete rundown courtesy of Southern Ontario Sprints:


by Tommy Goudge  – July 18, 2008
Kevin Job has been close to victory lane at Ohsweken Speedway on numerous occasions, but the top spot has always eluded him. That changed on Friday night as the Campbellville resident drove his #21x under the chequered flag first during Round #6 of the Southern Ontario Sprints 2008 season at Ohsweken. It was his first feature win of 2008 after taking a win during his rookie season in 2006 at Humberstone, and two wins last season, which came at South Buxton and Brighton.

Ryan Hunsinger and Derek Jonathon led the field to the green flag to start the 20 lap feature, with Hunsinger getting the early lead, but 4th starter Keith Dempster immediately glued himself to the rear nerf bar of Hunsinger’s #77x. Rookie Kris Root found the going rough in turn 1 as his #69r bicycled and then made contact with another car, breaking the front end on Root’s car and bringing out a caution. At the same time, a fine run in the top 5 for Dick Mahoney ended in a plume of smoke as the #79’s oil filter was dislodged. Teammates Hunsinger and Dempster opened a gap on the field on the restart and quickly approached lapped traffic, which proved to be the undoing of Hunsinger, who spun out of the lead in the 4th turn while attempting to put a lap on Mike Ferrell’s #15. Meanwhile, the front wing on the Dempster machine had collapsed for a second week in a row, and on the restart 10th starter Kevin Job had moved in behind the #5 machine of Dempster, with Adam West up to 3rd and Rob Pietz in 4th.. Incredibly, Job’s front wing also collapsed, but the 2 front running cars still ran at a very fast pace, while Hunsinger quickly charged through the field after restarting at the tail.

Adam West’s fine run came to an end when his engine quit on the backstretch, bringing out a caution flag and sending the #30 to the pit area. Job was able to get by Dempster shortly after the green flag came back out, taking a lead he would not relinquish. The race was halted one more time when Jim Porter got sideways coming out of the 4th corner, causing Joel Lehman to spin and then roll over. Lehman climbed from his machine uninjured, but the #4z suffered extensive wing and front end damage. The race went back green for a dash to the finish, but Job was not to be denied victory on this night. Just a lap short of the finish, Ryan Hunsinger pulled off the track with apparent mechanical issues, while Kyle Patrick spun out of the 4th position in corner 3 on the final lap. Job crossed the finish line first followed by Dempster, Warren Mahoney, Pietz, and Glenn Styres, who twice charged through the field after starting 17th, making his way into the top 10, then catching a bump in turn 1, falling back, and charging back up through the pack again. Craig Downie, Keith Dempster, Ryan Hunsinger, and Dick Mahoney took the heat race victories.

– 9 drivers competed in their first SOS action of the season on Friday night, including Frank Baranowski, Joe Middlemiss, Brad Malloy, Kyle Patrick, John Riegling, Jim Sweers, Tom MacLeod, James Evans, and Kris Root. Middlemiss, a winner of 2 SOS events last season, was behind the wheel of the Turford #29 for the evening, but power steering issues caused him to scratch out after his heat race. MacLeod’s appearance was the first behind the wheel of a sprint car for the pavement modified driver who is the son of former SOS driver and car owner, the late Dave MacLeod. Root and Evans also made their SOS debuts on Friday night.

– Attrition was heavy on Friday night, as only 12 cars were able to finish the feature event due to a combination of mechanical issues and heavy track conditions. The attrition was beneficial for James Evans and John Burbridge, Jr. who came home with 11th and 9th place finishes respectively after starting on the back row of the feature.

– Chris Jones, who entered the evening tied with Glenn Styres for the SOS points lead, was not in attendance on Friday night. As a result, Jones unofficially dropped all the way to 7th in the standings, but Styres has very little breathing room at the top as both Warren Mahoney and Keith Dempster gained on the leader, and are now just 14 and 15 points behind, respectively. Adam West, who entered the night 3rd in the points, also stood a good chance to finish in the top 5 and close the gap with Styres, but mechanical problems halted his race while he was running 3rd.

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Speed Limiter – LAST CHANCE to Comment

The Ontario Speed Limiter is law, all but the final crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s but you do have until August 31 to have your final say.

If you have strong feelings about this law, then now is the time to put your comments in writing.  Many laws are passed without consideration or thought on how this will affect daily lives.  Right now you are given a chance to have your say.  Don’t stand back in the shadows of the corridor, voice your poinion either way.

Reported from Truck News this morning with the contact details:

Last chance to comment on spped limiter legislation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is soliciting feedback from stakeholders as it finalizes Bill 41, which will require all trucks operating in the province to be mechanically limited to 105 km/h.

Comments can be submitted for consideration to the department online by visiting Here.

Alternatively, you can submit suggestions via snail mail to: Carrier Safety and Enforcement Branch; 3rd Floor; 301 St. Paul Street; St. Catharines, Ontario; L2R 7R4.

Comments are being accepted up until Aug. 31. While it’s unlikely the Bill, which has already received Royal Assent, will be defeated at this time, it may still be possible to have some influence on the wording of the legislation or how it is enforced.

The US-based Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has announced it plans to challenge the legality of the legislation in court once the law comes to fruition.

Take Your Stand Now!!

Take Your Stand Now!!

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Traffic Reports – Highway Delays – Border Crossings

There are many sources available on this wonderful “world wide web” for finding out about multiple and varied topics.  But how many times have you been frustrated with your search and just given up?  Let’s say your setting out on a trip.  You want to find out the best route to take and where the delays are, so you can avoid them if at all possible.  The trucking industry in particular needs to be on top of this at all times, due to the nature of the business.  If our trucks are delayed on the road, our delivery of goods can be delayed.  Timing is crucial and of utmost importance.

Researching for resources to provide up to date information on highways – The provides full information on major hubs throughout the US, including trade shows (which can cause tremendous delays), road repairs, weather conditions and general traffic flow.  You can access Traffic Reports and Alerts easily from this website – we will provide a link just to your right under Connections and off you go!!

Then there can be border delays ………. here’s a couple of links for you to check before you climb into your cab heading down the highway delivering yet another load!

Canada Border Service Agency

US Customs & Border Protection





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Speed Limiter – Alberta Re-considering

Looks like many provinces are now going to re-consider the possibility of a Speed Limiter.  The report posted below is from Today’s Trucking posted on Monday.

There are many blogs discussing the whole issue of Speed Limiters – it’s pros & cons.  One that is most interesting is from Lou Smyrlis of Truck News and is well worth the read – enjoy!

Speed Limiters: Post Mortem – a Different View

Provinces ponder speed limiter study

EDMONTON — Following the release of Transport Canada’s study on speed limiter activation, a number of provinces will be revisiting the idea – including Alberta.

In April, during the Alberta Motor Transport Association annual conference, the province’s Transport Minister Luke Ouellette informed the gathered members that speed limiter legislation wasn’t a law he wanted for the province.

But speed limiter legislation might get a closer look in Alberta anyway.

Following the release of Transport Canada’s studies, Alberta Deputy Premier Ron Stevens told CanWest News Service that the province is open to considering the new report.

Jerry Bellikka, spokesman for Alberta Transportation, also told the news service the department will take another look at speed limiters.

The province balked at speed limiter legislation in the past, preferring to keep highway traffic traveling at the same speed. Speed limiter legislation will require commercial vehicles to have a capped speed of 105 km/h in Ontario, where the highway speed limit is 100 km/h.

“Here along the main economic corridor the speed limit is 110 km/h and it would be wrong to put them below that. If they do it on their own that’s great, but I’m not ready to go there,” Ouellette told the AMTA audience in April.

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Drivers Wanted

RBM Carriers specialize in a Flatbed Service from Ontario to the USA and we are currently seeking experienced  AZ driver – both Full Time and Part Time


  • Paid per pick up and delivery
  • Paid border crossing
  • Paid tarping
  • paid per hub mile


  • East Coast Premiums
  • Short Trip Premiums
  • Safety Bonus

For more detailed information call us!! 1-888-290-9955

We are also looking for a City driver for the Toronto and surrounding area.

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