Posted by: rbmcarriers | August 26, 2008

PARS & PAPS Stickers

If you are in the trucking industry, you are well aware of the crazy amount of paperwork that is associated with each shipment.  It does not matter if it is a tiny box or a piece that needs all the room of a 53foot flatbed, the paperwork is the same.  Sometimes the dispatcher is the sole person making sure that all the paperwork is correct on top of making sure the trucks are full, drivers are happy and deliveries are being made when promised.  Sometimes, it is a thankless job.  Then there is the US/Canada border crossing stickers that must accompany every shipment.  CBSA has now alerted all that this sticker must be adhered to either the bill of lading or the customs invoice …….. not one of the other multiple pieces of paper that come with each shipment.  You have been warned!!

Courtesy of Today’s Trucking

CBSA warns carriers against improper PARS procedures

Canada Border Services Agency is reminding carriers and brokers to notify drivers and dispatch that the PARS barcode must be affixed to the Customs Invoice and/or Bill of Lading.

The PARS barcode is not to be placed on a coversheet, says CBSA. The truck may be refused entry to Canada the proper procedures are not followed.

The agency says a recent trend has developed in which PARS are being presented upon arrival at the border on lead sheets with no shipment information other than the PARS bar code.

Having the code on the invoice or bill of lading allows border officers to review the information and verify it is the same shipment for which a release recommendation was made.

Lead sheets, says CBSA, are used only when submitting PARS release requests in advance of the arrival of the goods, as well as for multiple shipments carried by approved LTL carriers which benefit from Post Audit or CSA privileges.


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