Posted by: rbmcarriers | July 31, 2008

Diesel Fuel for Sale


People take desperate measures when their backs are pushed against the wall.  The high cost of diesel is now making people do things that perhaps they would not normally do.  We all know that siphoning fuel is not new but things do seem to be getting out of hand.  This can only harm the trucking industry and all who work in the field.  Yes, the high cost of fuel hurts and the price of hauling material can only increase which the end user will feel.  But we do not control the prices and to start stealing is really not the answer.  Read this story from Today’s Trucking and be on the look out!!

PSSSST – Wanna buy some diesel fuel?

Following the disappearance of more than 55,000 liters of diesel fuel from underground storage tanks in and around Hamilton this past weekend, it’s beginning to look like an organized theft ring is operating in the area.

CHCH television news reported several thefts in the area, at least two of which were caught on security cameras. In both cases, two trucks pulling 53-ft van trailers — possibly reefers — pulled up and parked over top of under ground fuel storage tanks. While not actually seen on camera, it’s assumed that the vans were equipped with liquid pumps and storage tanks large enough to accommodate a significant amount of fuel.

In one incident, Gord’s Sunoco in Flamborough lost an estimated 21,000 litres of fuel. In another, First Student bus lines in Brant County (formerly Laidlaw) lost 34,000 liters of fuel.

Video from a security camera at the Sunoco station shows a two-tone tan and maroon colored Peterbilt tractor pulling a non-descript with van pulling into the station and parking over the fuel storage tanks, and then returning to the fuel island to fuel up in the usual manner.

One of the suspects caught on camera walking toward a pay phone is described as an older white male, with a balding head.

Keep your eye on that tank

CHCH television reports the tractor had a dented left front fender. The trailer reportedly has a number on the side containing the numerals 7705.

A spokesperson from First Student was quoted by CHCH TV as saying the locks on the underground tank caps had been cut.

A typical fuel delivery B-train has a capacity of about 55,000 liters, so the question of where vans are depositing their stolen fuel is going has raised some concerns. Certainly, the theft operation has to have some remote storage capacity.

Fuel purchased on the black market would obviously not qualify in an IFTA fuel tax report, and IFTA takes note of even minor discrepancies in fuel used versus fuel purchased. Police are asking anyone approached with an offer of cheap fuel to come forward or call Crime Stoppers.

With the price of fuel these days, diesel heists is a very lucrative business. The modes of theft are getting ever more creative. In Pittsburgh, for example, benzine bandits were caught driving around with a tractor-trailer, parking beside other trucks, and then siphoning the diesel into a 5,000-gallon tank using a vacuum powered by the truck’s engine.


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