Posted by: rbmcarriers | July 18, 2008

Speed Limiter – LAST CHANCE to Comment

The Ontario Speed Limiter is law, all but the final crossing of t’s and dotting of i’s but you do have until August 31 to have your final say.

If you have strong feelings about this law, then now is the time to put your comments in writing.  Many laws are passed without consideration or thought on how this will affect daily lives.  Right now you are given a chance to have your say.  Don’t stand back in the shadows of the corridor, voice your poinion either way.

Reported from Truck News this morning with the contact details:

Last chance to comment on spped limiter legislation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is soliciting feedback from stakeholders as it finalizes Bill 41, which will require all trucks operating in the province to be mechanically limited to 105 km/h.

Comments can be submitted for consideration to the department online by visiting Here.

Alternatively, you can submit suggestions via snail mail to: Carrier Safety and Enforcement Branch; 3rd Floor; 301 St. Paul Street; St. Catharines, Ontario; L2R 7R4.

Comments are being accepted up until Aug. 31. While it’s unlikely the Bill, which has already received Royal Assent, will be defeated at this time, it may still be possible to have some influence on the wording of the legislation or how it is enforced.

The US-based Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has announced it plans to challenge the legality of the legislation in court once the law comes to fruition.

Take Your Stand Now!!

Take Your Stand Now!!



  1. How are they going to justify the regulators when when you are on the downhill. Hell!, why don’t they put a unit on your truck that will automatically drag your brakes for you. Like all of us drivers who do the job, non of this is the real issue. When are we going to just stay home and make our point?, NEVER!
    Nothing will change in the industry until the people can’t get what they want and then and only then will we get what we want.
    If you want to get attention from someone, you have to make it affect them personally or they just don’t care!

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