Posted by: rbmcarriers | July 17, 2008

Traffic Reports – Highway Delays – Border Crossings

There are many sources available on this wonderful “world wide web” for finding out about multiple and varied topics.  But how many times have you been frustrated with your search and just given up?  Let’s say your setting out on a trip.  You want to find out the best route to take and where the delays are, so you can avoid them if at all possible.  The trucking industry in particular needs to be on top of this at all times, due to the nature of the business.  If our trucks are delayed on the road, our delivery of goods can be delayed.  Timing is crucial and of utmost importance.

Researching for resources to provide up to date information on highways – The provides full information on major hubs throughout the US, including trade shows (which can cause tremendous delays), road repairs, weather conditions and general traffic flow.  You can access Traffic Reports and Alerts easily from this website – we will provide a link just to your right under Connections and off you go!!

Then there can be border delays ………. here’s a couple of links for you to check before you climb into your cab heading down the highway delivering yet another load!

Canada Border Service Agency

US Customs & Border Protection






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