Posted by: rbmcarriers | July 16, 2008

Speed Limiter – Alberta Re-considering

Looks like many provinces are now going to re-consider the possibility of a Speed Limiter.  The report posted below is from Today’s Trucking posted on Monday.

There are many blogs discussing the whole issue of Speed Limiters – it’s pros & cons.  One that is most interesting is from Lou Smyrlis of Truck News and is well worth the read – enjoy!

Speed Limiters: Post Mortem – a Different View

Provinces ponder speed limiter study

EDMONTON — Following the release of Transport Canada’s study on speed limiter activation, a number of provinces will be revisiting the idea – including Alberta.

In April, during the Alberta Motor Transport Association annual conference, the province’s Transport Minister Luke Ouellette informed the gathered members that speed limiter legislation wasn’t a law he wanted for the province.

But speed limiter legislation might get a closer look in Alberta anyway.

Following the release of Transport Canada’s studies, Alberta Deputy Premier Ron Stevens told CanWest News Service that the province is open to considering the new report.

Jerry Bellikka, spokesman for Alberta Transportation, also told the news service the department will take another look at speed limiters.

The province balked at speed limiter legislation in the past, preferring to keep highway traffic traveling at the same speed. Speed limiter legislation will require commercial vehicles to have a capped speed of 105 km/h in Ontario, where the highway speed limit is 100 km/h.

“Here along the main economic corridor the speed limit is 110 km/h and it would be wrong to put them below that. If they do it on their own that’s great, but I’m not ready to go there,” Ouellette told the AMTA audience in April.


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