Posted by: rbmcarriers | July 14, 2008

Detroit Tunnel on Hold – for now

Politics, politics, politics ……… can’t do a thing without appeasing all of the politicians.  Tough one when there are two major cities in two different countries …… here’s the report from Today’s Trucking posted on July 11th.  Let’s hear your views on this issue!

Who's Talking Now?

Who's Talking Now?

Tunnel deal on hold due to Detroit political turmoil

WINDSOR, Ont. — Political scandals involving Detroit politicians have forced neighboring Windsor City Council to back out of negotiations between the two cities for a new tunnel deal.

According to the Windsor Star, Cliff Sutts, lead negotiator for the Canadian border city, said “distractions of Detroit’s council have left the situation so uncertain.”

Windsor and its tunnel corporation has offered to pay Detroit $75 million to close a deal that would give Windsor control of the bridge.

The Ontario government would loan $75 million to the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Corporation, which would then route $65 million to Detroit.

But there’s a cloud hanging over the deal as Detroit’s Council is attempting to have Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick removed due to several scandals.

That offer is up in the air thanks to a growing divide between Detroit Mayor — whose office helped assemble the deal — and his council.

According to the Star, Kilpatrick has been trying to lock up the deal, but his council has resisted, fearing the long-term implications.

“They have to resolve their differences. You can’t make two separate deals over the same tunnel,” said Sutts.


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