Posted by: rbmcarriers | May 8, 2008

Smarter Border Crossing

Is Jim Prentice, Canada’s Industry Minister just repeating what Canadian Trucking Alliance CEO, David Bradley has been saying for some time. Now is he, Jim Prentice going to do something or is he just like all the other politicians and full of hot air, liking the sound of his own voice. You tell me.

Courtesy of Truck News

Industry Minister calls for improved cross-border trade

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Canada’s Industry Minister Jim Prentice told business leaders in the US yesterday that the Canada/US border needs to be revamped to reduce costs and improve efficiency for cross-border trade.

He said a “two-headed monster” has been created at the border. Prentice, speaking at the Council of the Americas, was quoted by the Canadian Press as saying: “Not only do we hamper the legitimate trade and travel that provide the foundation for North America’s prosperity but we are also clearly misallocating resources. The dollars, hours and resources spent investigating legitimate travel and trade are dollars, hours and resources that would be better spent targeting the areas of highest risk.”

Prentice pointed out that delays at some border crossings are currently at their longest levels since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He said that more investment is needed in border infrastructure, most notably a replacement for the Ambassador Bridge.

– With files from the Canadian Press


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